SIM Conference Panel

Commercial Manager sits on Caisson Integrity Panel

This month IMG Composites participated in the 3rd Annual Structural Integrity Conference in Aberdeen by sitting on a panel session on Caisson Integrity. The SIM Conferences are well regarded as being a meeting point to address the challenges, strategies and opportunities associated with maximizing integrity across the entire portfolio of offshore structures including fixed jackets, caissons, FPSOs and mooring lines. The Conferences have been consistently attended and sponsored by major Oil & Gas companies such as BP, Shell and StatOil.

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The expert Caisson Integrity Panel followed a presentation by Richard Lee, Principal Technical Consultant, ESR, of the findings and recommendations of the high profile HOIS Project on Caisson integrity (for more information on the HOIS JIP see the link below). One of the considered solutions for Caisson Integrity in the presentation is a suitable composite repair.

As a company that is leading the way in the field of engineered composite repairs to caissons, IMG Composites were contacted to participate in the Panel of experts who would take questions from the audience of integrity professionals in the audience. IMG Composites' Commercial Manager, Ian Taylor, was selected as he has a great deal of experience in the area of composite caisson repairs having written an article and hosted a demo day for operators on the subject of caisson repair.

Other members of the panel were Patrick Whelan (Underwater Operations Engineer, Shell) and Andreas Boenisch (Group Managing Director, Innospection), along with Richard Lee. The Panel discussion was very engaged and interesting. The use of appropriate composite repairs, engineered to resist suitable loading, were discussed as desirable, especially in cases where rapidly developing defects required a solution to buy the operator 2-3 years to address the problem with replacement or a similarly more major repair.

Click here to see an agenda from the day of the panel and Click here to see an overview of the HOIS Joint Industry Project